Nigerian Dwarf Goats – Missouri

Welcome to the home of Coat of Arms Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We are a sixty five acre farm located in the wine country of Southeast, Missouri. Our journey with these little goats so far has been very successful. We are learning more and more every single day. We took our time, researched and invested in quality breeding stock that we know will produce future champions. We can’t wait to develop our own program.

Here at Coat of Arms, we take our little goats seriously. They are our family above all else, and we intend on giving them the best care possible. We are truly in it for the joy of continuing and building on the Nigerian Dwarf Goat breed. We strive for beautiful goats with excellent pedigrees. Showing qualities and milking qualities are equally important to us. We will always breed for quality, not quantity. We update our website often so check back for updates! We can’t wait to work with you and your family.

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“Beautiful Goats, Excellent Pedigrees”




Nigerian Dwarf Goat: Colors and Patterns

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